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Green Power Energy Receives ‘Energy Storage Solutions Early Adopters’ Award in Connecticut

Green Bolt
Photo of Green Power Energy President Eric Dornfeld accepting an award from Connecticut Green Bank

Family-owned and full-service solar provider, Green Power Energy, is proud to announce that it has been awarded the ’Energy Storage Solutions Early Adopter’ award by the Connecticut Green Bank. 

Established in 2009, Green Power Energy has been at the forefront of the renewable energy industry, serving thousands of homes and businesses across the Northeast region. Recently, the company has expanded its operations to Central Texas.

The Connecticut Green Bank has acknowledged the remarkable success of green initiatives in the state, citing projects and partnerships like Green Power Energy’s as catalysts for progress. The Connecticut Green Bank proudly touted the creation of over 26,000 job years and the realization of 66,000 clean energy projects since 2011.

Eric Dornfeld, President of Green Power Energy, stated, “It is an honor to receive this award on behalf of Green Power Energy.  We were excited about this new incentive program first offered by the Connecticut Green Bank in 2022, and are proud to be an early adopter of it.’’

Dornfeld emphasized, ’’The Energy Storage Solutions program allows us to work directly with homeowners to demonstrate the benefits of our solar and battery storage systems. At Green Power Energy, we understand the importance of reducing reliance on the traditional power grid.  The Energy Storage Solutions program not only provides our customers with an upfront incentive on the purchase of their storage system, but it pays them annually for discharging their battery into the grid during times of peak demand. By embracing this technology, Connecticut homeowners gain energy independence, decrease their electricity bills, and contribute to the modernization of the utility grid.”

With this award, Green Power Energy affirms its position as a leading provider of innovative solar plus storage solutions in Connecticut.

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