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Do You Really Need Solar Installation for Your Flemington Home? Let’s Find Out

Green Bolt
Do You Really Need Solar Installation for Your Flemington Home? Let’s Find Out

Americans in droves are choosing solar for home over non-renewable energy sources, and Flemington is no different. There is a growing demand for solar panels, solar batteries, EV charging solutions, and other options. If you are unsure about your need for solar power, here are a few reasons to consider opting in for it.

Power Bills are Out of Control

The increasing costs of utilities are putting strain on household budgets. The spiraling costs won’t be coming down soon either. Instead, they are on the uptrend. Solar power offers you a way to control your energy costs.

Solar power installations only require a highly subsidized one-time investment. With up to 25-year warranties, you incur zero maintenance costs over the years. The solar power systems pay for themselves within about 7-9 years of use. You will use electricity for free for the rest of the PV system’s lifetime, which will be around 20-30 more years!

You can also get solar for zero down payments by opting for leasing or entering a purchase power agreement. You can also make your cashflows positive with income tax credits, the SREC-II program, and other solar incentives.

Incentives are Available for Limited Time

The incentives that subsidize solar power are around only for a limited time. For instance, the income tax credit provides a 30% tax credit on the cost of solar power installation in your home. The incentive was due to expire in 2022, but fortunately, Congress approved a 10-year extension on the tax credit.

With the ITC out of the picture, homeowners would have had to pay the entire installation cost. Even with the recent extension, the ITC will reduce the tax credit to 26% for systems installed in 2033. The rebate will go further down to 22% for systems installed in 2034. According to the current status, there will be no tax rebate from 2035 onwards.

You Care About the Planet

Solar power is renewable, produced without emitting toxic gases, and meets all the power needs of a modern home. Solar power is the perfect alternative to traditional power sources and promises to slash our emissions.

The continued use of solar power is good for the planet; if you care about the planet, solar power is the way forward.

No Need to Endure Another Outage

With our energy needs at an all-time high, it is becoming difficult for utility companies to meet the rising demand. The only option they have is to cut power at times. Power outages have become the norm rather than an exception lately.

By shifting to solar power and taking advantage of solar battery storage, you are producing electricity and using it when you need it most. You are out of the demand-supply cycle, which means no more power outages. Ready to take control of your energy costs, contribute to a greener planet, and say goodbye to power outages? Don’t miss out on limited-time incentives for solar power installation! Contact us today for a free solar quote here.

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