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Do I Really Need a Battery for My Solar Panels in Rhode Island?

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If you’ve recently started researching solar power, you’re likely considering batteries for storing the power. After all, you’d need a consistent power supply during nighttime, cloudy days, and during winter, right?

Well, not really!

You can have a reliable solar power supply without installing batteries at all. Surprised? Keep reading to find out more.

Why You Don’t Need Batteries With Your Solar Power System?

If you are worried about your solar energy supply during the times when the sun is not “available,” you need not worry. You still have your utility power connection for backup.

Just because you install solar power, it doesn’t mean that you disconnect your utility connection. A grid-tied connection ensures that you get a sufficient power supply, even when your solar panels cannot meet your energy demand.

However, there are situations when you might need a battery.

Why You Need a Battery With Your Solar Power System?

Rhode Island is not prone to grid outages, but they happen. An unreliable power grid can disrupt your power supply, especially during winters. The solar panels are working at low efficiency, and a sudden grid outage can leave your home grappling with low to no power supply. In those situations, a battery can be a lifesaver.

Why Else You Should Have Batteries With Your Solar Panels in Rhode Island?

The case for batteries is one of more than convenience; it makes financial sense too.

Firstly, solar panel batteries qualify for solar tax credit (ITC). That’s instant upfront savings.

Secondly, Rhode Island has a National Grid “ConnectedSolutions” Battery Rebate program, allowing homeowners to discharge their solar panel batteries during peak demand and earn money on it.

The program offers $400 to homeowners for every kW of power their battery can supply in the summer. There’s no incentive during the winter months, but the savings are significant nonetheless. A 6.7kW battery system can bring an annual payout of up to $2,680/year.

The battery practically earns its price and delivers a profit. 

Filling the Power Need Gap

Complementing your solar panel with a battery system minimizes your reliance on grid power, saves you tax money, and delivers long-term profits. So, although you don’t really need a battery, it’s best that you get it for your solar panels.


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