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DIY Solar Panels Kits Secret to Affordable Solar Power in PA?

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DIY Solar Panels Kits Secret to Affordable Solar Power in PA?

There’s a certain inalienable pleasure in building something from scratch. Perhaps, it’s this satisfaction of achievement that keeps pulling you to all those DIY projects that you’ve got going on in the garage. And, maybe it’s the same happiness that’s now making you wonder whether you can pull off a DIY solar installation as your next big project.

There’s probably some truth to your line of thinking. With the right amount of research online and the set of instructions, you may be able to pull off many home improvement projects, but asolar installation for your home comes with unique challenges compared to other home improvement projects..

Here are some things you should consider before you launch your DIY project:

  1. It’s Not all About Equipment

Equipment is your most expensive area. Choosing the right products with the right warranties and power production efficiency is vital for your solar system. However, with a good amount of research, you can easily determine which products are worth your time and money.

However, the challenge would be the non-equipment aspects of your project, such as government permits, interconnection applications, inspection scheduling, and so on. Some of these tasks may take several weeks when done correctly, and mistakes can extend the time a great deal more. So, a professional can offer better guidance to you with these steps and prevent easily avoidable rejections.  

  1. Service Warranties

Quite frankly, solar systems require little care. They operate for years with few maintenance issues. If you buy equipment from a trusted brand, then their long-term warranties (typically, 25 years long), will take care of any repairs required.

However, malfunctions can and do happen. And when they do, they can be expensive or a great deal of hassle or even both when you DIY it. Service warranties from solar companies give you complete peace of mind, as they take care of all maintenance issues for you.

  1. Taking Full Advantage of Government Incentives

A plethora of government incentives makes it possible for homeowners to recover their investment into solar faster and even realize significant cash inflows over the years. Thanks to their vast experience, solar installers know which incentives you qualify for and will apply for them on your behalf. Their expertise can get you all the incentives without you worrying about the application processes or the accuracy of the details you share with the respective government departments.

You just reap the benefits while the installation company does the heavy lifting.

  1. The Installation

Installing solar can be risky without proper fall protection.  A reputable solar installer will complete the project strictly abiding by all OSHA regulations.  Solar is usually installed on a roof, and when a fall occurs at these heights, it can be fatal.  Additionally, the installation requires drilling into the rafters of a home and covering up the roof penetrations with a waterproof flashing material.  Before you can even install a project on our own, you would need to have an architect submit an application for structural approval.  All of this roof work is before you even have to individually carry each panel on the roof, lay rail on top of the penetrations, and secure them.  The electrical work is another obstacle in itself.  A solar installer will come with a licensed electrician to make the connection to your home.  With DIY – you are all on your own with a potential dangerous voltage.

Your investment is Safe in the Right Hands

While DIYing your solar system sounds like an exciting thing to do, mistakes can prove to be extremely expensive and dangerous, especially in the long run. Considering that this is a substantial investment, it’s best to leave the task to professionals and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with it.

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