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Connecticut Solar Solutions for Flat Roofs

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Connecticut Solar

At Green Power Energy, we are well aware that all properties are different. Customer’s with flat roofs often wonder what if they’re able to install panels at adequate angles for sun absorption. They also worry about leaks and damage after installation. Fortunately, Green Power Energy can address your concerns. 

Unique Aspects of Flat Roofs

While flat roofs may require a different approach when installing solar panels, flat roofs also provide a few benefits to solar installations. In addition, the solar industry has made flat-roof installs much easier in recent years thanks to some incredible innovation.

First, and perhaps most obvious, flat roofs allow customers to upgrade to solar while the street-view of their property is virtually unchanged. Second, installation can be done at a much faster pace since they are less of a safety hazard than an angled roof. 

Flat roofs do pose one unique challenge – framing the solar panel at a tilt that will maximize solar absorption. In the past, this required bulky frames that had to be screwed into the roof. While this is not a concern for some properties, others may experience leaks or support issues. As we’ll explain later, we’ve utilized the innovative products from Dynoraxx to address these concerns. 

DynoRaxx Technology

DynoRaxx started studying solar mounts in 2006. From 2006 to 2009, they experimented with their prototypes and different designs. Ultimately, they developed the DynoRaxx Evolution FR – this mount changed the flat-roof installation approach in the solar industry. 

The Evolution FR mounting bracket offers several helpful benefits: faster install (great for installers and customers), ergonomic design made specifically for solar panels, durable, long-lasting, and all on a clip-and-lock type system that requires no drilling into the roof. 

The first thing you’ll notice is the Evolution FR’s sleek fiberglass design. This design has proved to last a very long time without warping or corroding. The fiberglass frames are accompanied by stainless-steel components. Throughout the entire assembly of your array’s mount, not a single screw will need to be drilled into your building – eliminating any concern for damage and leaks. 

Another way the Evolutions FR benefits the customer is the reduction of installation time. While traditional roof-mounts require special tools, the Evolution FR can be installed without any additional tools. Its clip-and-lock design makes installation much faster, and therefore a bit more affordable for you. Although installation is easier, there’s no sacrifice in quality.

Most of the development team at DynoRaxx were former installers, so virtually all of the issues associated with traditional roof-mounts are alleviated. If you’re interested in more information, testimonials, and videos of the DynoRaxx Evolution FR, visit their website for a closer look. 

Connecticut Solar Solutions for Flat Roofs

Upgrading To Solar On Your Flat Roof

As Connecticut has the highest cost of electricity in the continental United States, many residents are making the switch to solar. Hopefully, all of your concerns regarding flat-roof solar power have been alleviated. In fact, we hope you’re excited to complete your solar-energy goals. For anyone curious about upgrading to solar, reach out to Green Power Energy today and speak with one of our solar consultants.

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