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Kwantum Enterprise

Kwantum Enterprise is a boutique multi tenant commercial office building that houses a variety of businesses as tenants. The types of tenants include employment/personnel, nursing, test lab, radio station, medical, IT, engineering, small manufacturing, finance, mortgage, publishing, & engineering staffing. Just like all businesses, revenue and operating expenses are the two critical and major components that determine the profitability of a commercial rental business. The objective for solar was to optimize both revenue and operating expenses to increase profitability of the business.
Green Bolt


The electricity usage was contributing to the carbon footprint and having a high electricity payment was reducing the bottom line of the commercial office.  It was a goal of the business to produce clean power and reduce the business’ carbon footprint.  Also, management wanted to reduce the electricity usage that is supplied by the local utility company.


Green Power Energy installed a 92.8 kW system on the building’s flat roof. The array is made up of (232) LG 400w Solar Modules, SolarEdge Inverters, and D-Dome Railless² Racking System. This solar solution was designed with bi-directional racking components to take advantage of full sun exposure year-round in order to offset the high electricity costs.

Kwantum Enterprise


“The solar system went live on 7/27/20.  After 3.6 years, it generated 233 MWh while the building consumed about 199 MWh in that time for a 34 MWh utility credit!  To calculate the payback period, we used TREC’s $152/MWh, the average utility cost of $150/MWh,  and the cost reduction of returning power to the utility company at about $90/MWh, the system generated an average revenue and cost reduction of about $25,000 per year.  The TREC payments provide a positive contribution to the revenue side. With a 30% tax credit incentive, the system payback period is estimated to be about 5 years. The combination of the three advantages makes the solar system a no-brainer in improving the bottom line of the business.”

Overall Solar Experience

“The end-to-end experience with GPE was excellent.  GPE’s management team and staff are friendly, professional, up-front on their processes from planning through system go-live. The post installation support has been excellent as well. The 1-800 contact person, Kevin in my case, coordinates all the site specific needs, so all issues are flagged by just an email.  Kevin has been great at following up and making sure all issues are resolved properly.  The on-site technical support is on-site and has taken care of all system issues smoothly and professionally.  I give GPE a 2 thumbs up on all aspects from the initial sales contact through installation and post support.”

 – Shue Kwan, Property Manager of Kwantum Enterprise

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