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Great Swamp Greenhouse

The Great Swamp Greenhouse was opened in 1979 by owner Michael Beneduce and continues to operate today as a family-owned business. The Beneduce family has roots in the industry dating back four generations to their ancestors who grew roses near Naples, Italy. Today, they operate as a four-season garden center and nursery.
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The need for solar panels at the Great Swamp Greenhouses came from both financial and environmental concerns. The ownership at the Greenhouses are always striving to be as environmentally conscious as possible. Water and energy are essential for the volume and variety of plants that they grow. In previous years, they focused on reducing water consumption and usage. Solar panels gave an opportunity to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels for electricity while reducing costs.


Green Power Energy utilized roof space on the property to install a 76 kW solar array. The corrugated metal roofs were no problem for Green Power Energy’s installation since they have solutions for structures like these from their extensive work on farms. Using high-efficiency products was crucial to meet the challenges faced by the Greenhouse. With limited roof space, a 50% offset was possible by leveraging the most efficient products on the market today.
Great Swamp Greenhouses


By installing a solar array the site became a truly green operation, meeting Ken’s goals by powering the business with clean energy. The system reached its return on investment in year four and has collected over $150,000 worth of SREC income since being installed in 2013. The ground mounted array allowed for a system to offset the majority of the usage and allow the geothermal heating and cooling system to operate without additional costs.

Overall Solar Experience

“I would highly recommend Green Power Energy for any and all solar installation needs. We recently contracted them to install a 76 kW system for our business in Gillette, NJ. From our first meeting until we “flipped the switch” a few weeks ago, Green Power Energy has been nothing but professional. We thank Green Power Energy and will consider them for any solar investments we have moving forward.”

– Kevin Beneduce, Manager

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