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Commercial Benefits

The solar market is growing fast. Isn’t it time you explored the possibilities?

If you’re in business, it’s a good time to go solar. Demand is rising, costs are dropping and federal and state incentives allow businesses to start saving money as soon as they turn on their solar system. Owning a solar energy system is more feasible and rewarding than ever—and it’s a surefire way to achieve energy independence, reduce your carbon footprint, and save on utility bills. When you invest in solar energy, you can expect extraordinary returns and a number of competitive advantages:

Federal Government Tax Credit

The Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a bedrock solar incentive. The federal government provides a tax credit worth 26% of the cost of your system. It’s a dollar for dollar, uncapped tax credit that can be carried forward into the future. After your system has been commissioned, you can take advantage of the credit the next time you file a federal tax return.

MACRS Depreciation Incentive

Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) is a depreciation method that allows the owner of solar energy equipment to claim a significant tax deduction. As an incentive, the IRS has classified solar energy as a 5-year property under the MACRS depreciation schedule. Classifying solar as a 5-year property boosts the returns on your investment, which means you get more money back early on.

Solar Renewable Energy Certificates

A major state-level incentive, Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) can be compared to shares of stock and are the revenue portion of your solar photovoltaic system. One certificate is issued to you each time your system produces 1,000 kWhrs of electricity. Instead of receiving a fixed payment per kWh, certificates are sold on an open market for cash. In fact, Green Power Energy can even sell your SRECs for you.

Clean Renewable Energy

Solar power is an infinite resource that allows you to independently create your own energy. When you invest in solar, you gain energy security and a clear conscience. No greenhouse gas emissions, no nuclear waste—just clean, reliable energy. In addition to lowering your operating expenses, solar power can help insulate your business from volatility in the power markets. By producing your own electricity, you can save your company money and guarantee a fixed rate. Net metering, a policy which allows you to sell surplus energy back to utility companies, will help you maximize the value of your electricity production.

Increased Property Value

Incorporating solar power into your commercial building can dramatically increase the economic value of your property. Renewable energy systems are known to increase resale value by $20,000 for every $1,000 in annual electricity savings. In some states, solar power systems are also exempt from sales tax and property tax increases. By investing in solar power, you not only boost the economic value of your property but also make it more attractive to investors who might be willing to pay a premium for a building that is economically and operationally efficient.

Positive Public Perception

No matter what business you’re in, your reputation matters. While more businesses are beginning to appreciate the virtues of going green, “eco-conscious” businesses are still in the minority. Therefore, the decision to install solar power on your building will automatically differentiate you from competitors. More than anything, it represents a commitment to quality, care and operational efficiency, as well as the environment. By marketing your building as “green,” you’re also likely to attract publicity. Soon you’ll be known as a leader, an innovator, and an environmentally responsible corporate neighbor.

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