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Charging Your Electric Car in NJ Using Solar Power, Even When There’s No Sun

You’ve finally decided to go green and embrace the solar revolution. You even want to power your electric car with a green and virtually limitless supply of solar energy. But, there’s just one hiccup. You are worried about the reliability of solar energy and have many questions that need answers.

What happens during the night when the sun is not there to power your solar panels?

Do solar power systems supply enough juice to charge your electric car fast?

Questions like these are holding you back from committing yourself to the solar option, compelling you to rethink your decision. Here are a few reasons why to re-think your decision:

Charging Your Electric Car 24×7

Solar installations do not deliver maximum value as standalone systems, when you disconnect the local utility company’s connection. They work best as grid-tied systems.

Solar panels generate energy continuously. However, you may not need all the energy they produce. So, you feed the excess energy to the grid. Your utility company keeps track of your contribution and either pays for it or credits it in your next month’s bill.

This way, you can use the utility company’s electricity when your solar system is not supplying you energy (say, during nighttime), and offset that consumption with excess clean energy your panels produce during the daytime.

Get Deals for Charging at Night

Some utility companies offer differential pricing for charging electric cars during non-peak hours, like 11 pm to 7 am. You can talk to your utility company and subscribe to such a program that will give you 50% off on the prices.

Once again, all your consumption at night can be offset with daytime solar energy production, so that you are still carbon-neutral or negative.


Obvious right? Solar panel installations can be equipped with heavy-duty batteries and inverters to bring stability to your energy needs. Batteries can be a lifesaver in regions that are marred with grid outages. Thankfully, New Jerseyis not plagued with frequent grid outages, but a battery can help you extract maximum value from your solar panel system anyway.

Charge Your Electric Car for Free with Green Power Energy

As part of our commitment to fighting climate change, Green Power Energy offers free installation of electric car charging components with every solar panel system installation. No additional charges, no hidden charges.

Get your solar panel installation immediately and power your home and car with green energy starting today.

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