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Ron and Penny P.

Location: Ringwood, NJ
Utility Provider: Rockland Electric
System Energized: October 1, 2016
Green Bolt

System Details

System Size: 15.5 kW (ground mount)

Production: 20,750

Environmental Impact: 29,050 of C02 offset annually.

Means of purchase: Cash

Average electric bill before solar: About $2500 per year, but would be more considering the geothermal system without solar to supplement. Geothermal system was not on for long before solar was installed.

Monthly electric bill after solar: $700/year for all the heating, cooling, and electric costs for the Pukl’s 4,000 sq ft. home.

Return on Investment: 8 years

Tax benefit: “We took advantage of the tax credit, $20,000 back right off the top”

Case Study
Green Bolt
Case Study

Solar Products

Panels: (50) Axitec 310 watt solar modules.

Inverter: (2) SolarEdge 7600 central inverters.

Optimizer: (50) SolarEdge P300 power optimizers.

Questions & Answers

Motivation for installing solar panels: “When I built the house in 1983, I planned for solar but I never got around to until now. It was a dream from when we built and designed our house in 1983 that we would try to go as green as possible. Back then, nothing paid off like that, but eventually when everything I put in originally was shot, I was able to replace with new technology (geothermal and solar). I had the money, I was retired, and it was time to get it done correctly. It was a decision we made 35 years ago and just got to do it now. The pay out in 1983 was 30 years, and the life expectancy of the panels was only 15, so it never paid. Plus our finances were different back then when we were raising the 3 kids, now they are all gone and things are different.”

Considerations in choosing Green Power Energy as installer: “The first company I chose didn’t work out and the geothermal company’s price was too high. GPE price was good. I’m not the type of guy that goes through 85 estimates. I’ll pick 3 or 4, and out of the 3 I picked, GPE was the best price. I liked Christine the most.”

Overall Solar Experience

“Obviously, financially, it’s a home run and wonderful to a green home.  And just look at the spectacular setting with the reservoir and pond. It’s terrific, I’d recommend it to anyone.”

Get Started Today

Get Started Today

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