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David Z.

Location: Danbury, CT
Utility Provider: Eversource Energy
System Energized: September 21, 2020
Green Bolt

System Details

System Size: 11.16 kW

Production: 11,017 kWh

Environmental Impact: 16,261 lbs. of CO2 offset annually

Means of purchase: Pay Cash

Monthly average electric bill before solar: $200

Monthly average electric bill after solar: $10

Return on Investment: 8 years

Tax benefit: 26% of the system cost

Solar Products

Modules: (31) LG 360w

Inverters: (31) Enphase IQ7+ Microinverters

Solar House
Solar Energy

Questions & Answers

Motivation for installing solar panels:

“I thought about solar for years, I wanted to do my research. It wasn’t about just saving money but saving the planet as well. I spent a lot of time just getting basic groundwork. I got quotes from about 8 or 9 companies to find what the best solution was for me.”

Result of Installing solar panels:

“The system is overproducing right now and I have been installed for a little over two years. If I do want to add anything to the home in the future like an EV or change and get rid of my oil I may need to add a few more panels but based on the way it was done I am easily able to do that.”

Considerations in choosing Green Power Energy as your installer:

“By looking at values and comparisons I really went with the bottom line of who I wanted to do business with. GPE impressed me, I was very happy with the explanations even beyond my research. Ultimately I decided to buy the system outright, which just made sense for me.”

Overall solar experience: 

 “During the process and even after the system was installed you guys were on top of it and always had regular communication with me. The expectation was set immediately and you gave me the layout to know exactly what the process would be. It went how it was explained to me which is a great thing. It was very easy to do business with you guys.”

Get Started Today

Get Started Today

Let’s talk about potential solar opportunities. We offer free, no obligation quotes to get you started on your solar journey.

If you’d like to talk with us outside of getting a quote then please reach out to us using our contact page.

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We would like to share this knowledge with you to illustrate what we offer and how it can impact you. Both by lower monthly bills and helping reduce impacts to the environment.

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