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Can I Plan My New Jersey Solar Installation in the Winter?

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Solar Panels with Snow on them

The short answer is yes! It is much better to plan your New Jersey solar installation in the winter in order to maximize its solar benefits through the spring and summer months. The installation may take a few months, so planning early in the season can ensure your solar panels are ready for summer.

In this way, you are ready to maximize your solar system’s efficiency when your electricity bills are normally soaring.

Benefits of a Winter Solar Installation in New Jersey

While it may seem counterintuitive to have your solar installation begin during the winter, several benefits make it worth considering:

Maximize Returns

When it comes to solar installations, the earlier you get to it, the better. You can begin your solar installation plan in the winter if you want them installed early next year. If you already have a solar system installed between February and April, it allows you to maximize the returns in your first year of going solar. You can even perform the calculation of your solar power estimate during the winter. A majority of solar installers are available for on-site inspections all-year-round. On top of that, you can use solar power estimation calculators like Project Sunroof to monitor your solar production during the coldest months of the year.

Nevertheless, this prepares you for the summer when the sun shines the strongest, and electricity production is at its peak.

Federal Tax Credit

Planning your solar installation before the year ends allows you to take advantage of the 22% tax credit. The federal tax credit is set to expire residentially after 2021.%.Therefore, if you delay installing your solar system, you can miss out on tax savings.

Net Metering

Net metering is the credit you acquire for every kilowatt-hour of solar energy sent back to the grid. With net metering, the electric meter spins towards electricity flow from the utility into the home. It then turns backward when power flows from your home back to the provider. Therefore, the excess energy can be “netted” and reimbursed on an annual basis.

It is important to note that net metering is a month-to-month benefit with an annual “true-up” date. This date indicates that the balance of usage rolls over monthly, but if the anniversary date occurs while there is still a bank, the bank will get lost. However, if you set your first year of production in the late winter or early spring.,you can take advantage of when the solar irradiance system is at its peak; For instance, completing an installation byMarch is perfect!. It can lead you to have optimal production throughout the year and build a kWhr bank to use during the next winter.  Green Power Energy recommends the month of March as the optimal true-up month.

A Solar Installation in New Jersey is a Year-Round Investment Resulting in Year-Round Returns

Overall, having a sense of urgency when it comes to your solar installation is vital to maximizing your returns. Even though the winter sunlight is a rare sight, and the snow is overwhelming, going solar is a worthy investment. It prepares you for the spring and summer when the electricity rates are at their peak.

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