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Can I Benefit From NJ Solar Panels?

The Garden State has always gotten behind green initiatives, especially when it comes to solar power. .New Jersey is part of what is known as the 50/30 club. An informal group of States which has pledged to reach a 50% renewable energy portfolio by 2030. So, if you have ever looked up the benefits of NJ solar panels, there is a good chance you’ve found a lot of enticing responses.

Although, sometimes, it can still be hard to tell if the benefits listed are the benefits that will genuinely help your life, your home, and the environment for the better. Thus, you maystill be wondering, can I really benefit from solar panels on my NJ home?

Yes, You Can Benefit from Installing NJ Solar Panels!

Anyone who owns their property in NJ can benefit from solar panels. The evolving technology of solar panels has made it so anyone in any area throughout New Jersey can benefit from solar panels; offsetting most, if not all, of their energy usage with this technology. All you need to do is find the right solar panel contractor, and you will be well on your way to raking in the  benefits that come with installing solar..

A few of the benefits from installingNJ solar panels include:

  • Taking advantage of a renewable energy source.  Reducing your carbon footprint, and leaving the planet a better place for future generations.
  • Lowering your energy bills through net-metering.  Net-metering is a billing mechanism which allows you to pay the net difference between your solar production and your energy usage every month  This is how you will save off your electric bill
  • Take advantage of the Solar Tax Credit (ITC) in its final year in 2021. 22% of the project cost can be credited dollar for dollar off your income taxes in Tax Year 2021.
  • Earn statewide NJ incentives.  NJ’s solar incentive is currently known as the TREC.  The Transition Program Renewable Energy Certificate. This is the incentive which pays homeowners and business owners for producing renewable energy.  Worth on average at least $1,000/year to homeowners who install a 10 kW system.  This is figured as a 10kW system is likely to produce at least 11,000 kWhrs annually. (11,000 kWhrs/year x $91/TREC = $1,012/year!) <This is extra money! It has nothing to do with how much energy you do or not use as it is strictly an incentive to award those who produce solar energy.

To get more from these benefits, here are the optimal physical characteristics of a solar site:

Southern Facing, Pitched, and The Right Roof Material: A pitched roof orientated towards the south is the best option for the installation of solar panels.  In the Northern Hempisphere, true south is defined as 180 degrees true south. Green Power Energy has options for asphalt shingle roofs and even metal roofs.  Even a flat roof is ok, and in fact, a flat roof is the most common option for commercial solar projects.  With a flat roof, Green Power Energy will use a non-penetrating, ballasted solar mounting system.  These are generally pitched slightly and will face south while following the orientation of the most southerly edge of the building.  

Clear Coverage and A Strong Roof Surface: Obviously, the more access your solar panels has to the sun, the better. Yet, there are a lot of trees in New Jersey. Trees often impede clear coverage. Fortunately, there are many ways to help get more precise coverage without moving.

Optimizing Your Benefits

Fortunately, even if you don’t have an optimal roo or clear coverage, there are options to help you get the benefits you want from your NJ solar panels. Here are some of the most common fixes:

Cutting or Trimming Trees: Trees do not need to make or break your solar panel installation decision. After all, you always have the option of trimming or removing trees that prevent clear coverage.  Green Power Energy will use their solar irradiance software to accurately predict shading restrictions. Solar irradiance is defined as the power unit per area received by the sun.  We can tell with great accuracy what percent of solar irradiance is available on each roof plane. We will then work with tree companies in order to insure that the roof space will have optimal clearance. Tree work can even be included in a no money down solar loan or solar lease.  Green Power Energy recommends a minimum of 80% solar access on each reroof plane before we recommend tree work.

Reroofing: If there is adequate clearing for peak solar irradiance on the roof, and the roof is orientated in a southerly direction, you will want to be sure that your roof is in good condition as well in order to be able to take advantage of all the benefits of solar.  Generally, if the roof is over 15-years old, we recommend reroofing before the solar installation. Solar panels will extend the life of the roof, but even so, as viable energy producers for at least 25 years, it is important the roof is strong to begin with.  Like tree work, roofing can be included as part of a no money down financing option. 

Solar Ground Mounts or Solar Carports: If the roof proves to be incompatible for a solar installation, a solar ground mount or solar carport are always great options.  If the site’s ground space or parking area allows for it, these types of installations are a great way to go.  With a solar ground mount, the solar panels can be orientated at 180 degrees true south, and at the optimal pitch for a solar array which is approximately 35 degrees. A carport can optimize the land area, be dual pitched, and provide the extra benefit of protecting cars and other assets.

So, regardless of your present situation, there is always a solution that can bring you and your home or office the benefits you desire from NJ solar panels. Just make sure to do your research and work with a reputable installer in order to make the best decision for your particular situation.

To close, nearly everyone in New Jersey who owns their site has the option to install solar panels and take advantage of the fantastic, versatile benefits this renewable energy has to offer.

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