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Buying a House in NJ Here’s Why You Should Consider One With a Solar Panel Installation

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Buying a House in NJ Here’s Why You Should Consider One With a Solar Panel Installation

Whether it is your first house in New Jersey or you are just upgrading to a bigger one in the city, consider buying a house with solar panels. You get to enjoy all the benefits that come with a solar system with none of the hassles. It’s also great for the environment and makes a statement that you care for the planet. Besides these obvious reasons, here’s why else you should buy a house with solar panels.

  • No Installation Process

Many residential solar customers don’t realize how much goes into solar installation in New Jersey. The most time-consuming aspect of the process is obtaining various permits, applying for interconnections, and scheduling inspections. The government offices operate at their own speed, because of which the paperwork can take as much as 3 months. The actual installation hardly takes up more than 3 days in most cases. 

By purchasing a house with a solar installation, you avoid this whole process.

  • Get An Unbeatable Deal on the Installation

When you buy a house with a solar system, you don’t pay the full price for it. You pay only a fraction of the cost, which can be less than 50% of its original value, even when it’s new. This is simply a steal deal at this point.

  • Zero-Hassle Operations

Solar panels hardly require any care. There are no moving parts, so they don’t require repair often. Most solar panels don’t require any repairs for several years. Cleaning the panels in New Jersey is hardly necessary either.

If you are lucky, your installation may even be covered by a warranty for 20 years from the date of install. And, we don’t mean just the manufacturer’s warranty but also the installer’s service warranty. That will take care of any problems that you may face with the system in the future for free of cost. 

  • Massive Savings

You start saving money from the very moment you walk into your new home. You save on the monthly power bills, which can add up to thousands of dollars each year. You also get to take advantage of net metering and enjoy a steady line of revenue. Depending on the installation, you may qualify for additional incentives too.

An Obvious Choice

No matter how you look at it, a home with solar installation saves you money in five digits, maybe running closer to six digits, and gives you little to no hassles. What’s not to love!

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