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Talking Solar on The Voice of Real Estate with Debbie Lang

This past Sunday, Andrew and Debbie had a great conversation about solar energy on Debbie’s show, “The Voice of Real Estate” on FOX 920.  New Jersey is ranked #5 in the nation for solar installations and is a topic of interest among homeowners.  On this segment, all the topics a homeowner may need to consider when it comes to solar energy are covered.

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Get the most out of your solar system on your tax return for 2016!

Thousands of New Jersey homeowners have gone solar in 2016.  Tax season is upon us and many solar customers are asking how to take advantage of the Renewable Energy Investment Tax Credit.  First, we are NOT accounting experts, but we are solar experts, and we are happy to help provide all the information necessary to utilize the full benefits of your investment into renewable energy.

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The Great Benefits of Solar Electric Systems

There are several home and business owners that are looking for solar electric systems in New Jersey, and for good reasoning as well. Solar electric systems offer a great deal of benefits and money saved is the biggest one. Savings can start on the first day of installation and there are several programs that allow property owners to go solar with very little money down. Read More…

You Too Can Have a Solar Powered Home

It is so secret that New Jersey is one of the state’s leading the way in solar power usage, the industry, and solar panel installation. There are many businesses in the New Jersey area that use solar power, but there are thousands of private homeowners who are also using home solar systems in NJ. Many homeowners realize that the long-term savings far outweighs any apprehensions they may have had before using solar power. Read More…

Solar Electricity: The Future is Now

When you think of New Jersey, you may think of many things. One thing many people probably don’t think about is the fact that New Jersey is a leader when it comes to providing solar electricity to the people in the state. Solar power is still something that seems like just an idea, but people have been using solar electricity in NJ for several years now. It is time for the rest of the United States to catch up to New Jersey and the use of solar electricity. Read More…

3 Things You Should Avoid When Buying a Solar Power System

Exciting as it is to purchase a home solar power solution, it is important that you do not get carried away by all the advertising. You should instead focus on critical aspects since the purchase represents a significant investment that you will have to live with for a long time. Below are some of the things you should avoid when buying a solar power system. Read More…

3 Factors Likely to Influence the Cost of Your Solar Installation

The price of a New Jersey solar system installation can vary quite a bit depending on several factors that go into setting up the solar array. Every home or office differs in their electric requirements and each with a different amount of space available for mounting solar panels on. Also, every homeowner has a different budget for purchasing the system. Read More…

The Steps A New Jersey Solar Installation On A Residential Home

Making the decision to add solar panels to your New Jersey home as either a supplement or a full replacement of traditional electrical power good for the environment as well as a very efficient energy choice. It is important to hire a company that is experienced in solar installation to maximize the effectiveness of the solar panels and to design a system specifically for the residential needs. Read More…

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