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Green Power Energy Featured on 2019 Top Solar Contractors List

The Solar Power World Top Solar Contractors list includes Annandale based solar firm

[Annandale, NJ, July 31, 2019] With renewable energy expected to be the fastest growing source of U.S. electricity generation for at least the next two years, local solar installer Green Power Energy is happy to be contributing to the country’s energy mix.

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Solar on a Tiny Home

Tiny homes have been rapidly growing in popularity lately. It seems that the Tiny House Movement (as it is “officially” dubbed) is taking over the world by storm, and for good reason. These homes are unique, eco-friendly, and very efficient, especially compared to a traditional home.

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A Bright Future for Pennsylvania Solar

Pennsylvania is one of the most energy diverse states in the country and going forward, the State would like solar energy to play a bigger part in their energy portfolio. Currently, PA gets its energy (in order of capacity) from nuclear, coal, gas, oil, and a category named “other,” which consists of Water, Solid Waste, Methane, Wood, Solar, biomass, and wind. 

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Green Power Energy Installs Solar Panels in North Jersey, Central Jersey, and South Jersey in 2018

Green Power Energy’s service area covers the very northern corner of New Jersey all the way to Cape May.  In 2018, Green Power Energy completed commercial solar installations, residential solar installations, and agricultural solar installations, totaling over 300 individual solar installations in NJ for over 4 MW of clean solar energy. 

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Solar Panels and Your Roof

.Solar panel installations can come with some queries at times for the owners. It is not that the questions cannot be addressed; we just to make sure that the owner is rightly educated about them and knows how to deal with them when the time comes. These questions can vary with the settings the solar panels are installed in.  For homeowners, one of those questions is what to do when the time comes to re-roof.

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When is a Solar Ground Mount Worth it?

Most of the solar installations around us are found on roof tops, but solar ground mounts are also a great option. Considering the two options, which of them may be right for someone who is planning to install solar panels? While there is no fixed answer to this question, we can look at some of the overall benefits and drawbacks to each option to help homeowners consider the most suitable installation to meet their needs.

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Solar and the Economics of Sale

It is widely known that solar is clean and beneficial to the environment. Solar has also become the fastest growing electricity source, not to mention being the least expensive source. Solar electric equipment is inexpensive and ultimately reliable. By making upfront investments and deciding to go solar, you will acquire a system that is capable of producing electricity that is worth the investment for years to come and with little to no maintenance required.

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How to Pick the Most Reputable Solar Company?

There are hundreds of solar companies on the market. How can you tell which is the best one to install residential solar panels in NJ? Solar panels are a long-term investment and so it’s necessary to vet providers to find the right specialist for your requirements. Whether you’re quite overwhelmed or uncertain where to begin, don’t worry. Follow this step-by-step guide to make the right decision. Take a close look:

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How Long Does It Take To “Go Solar?”

Generally, the most common time frame solar companies give to homeowners is that it will take 3 months from sign up to installation. This can be a shorter period but relying on an inefficient utility or municipality can prolong the process. An inefficient township or utility can also increase the risk of unnecessarily adding significant time to the project.

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Green Power Energy named Panasonic’s Fastest Growing Installer

Panasonic is breaking away as a clear leader in premium residential solar panels. For many years, SunPower took the number one spot because of their patented Maxeon Cell technology. They left their competitors in the dust while providing a product and performance warranty that lasts for 25 years.
This 25-year product warranty is a significant selling point for homeowners. There are other residential solar panel companies that provide the 25-year performance warranty, but SunPower is the only provider that offers a 25-year product warranty as well.

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Where does my solar inverter get installed?

A solar inverter is the component of the solar system which is used to convert the DC power produced by the solar panels to the AC power which is used by our home electrical system and appliances.  It may be a micro inverter, power optimizer or a string inverter. Microinverters and power optimizers are installed below the solar panels whereas a string inverter may be installed indoor or outdoor as per the installer recommendation or homeowner requirements.

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Solar in Sports

More and more commercial facilities are going solar. Sports venues are becoming more mindful of their environmental footprint and using commercial solar energy systems. One of the factors that contributed to this change is economic incentives. The cost of solar installations has decreased, allowing solar panel manufacturers to reach more commercial customers.

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Women in the Solar Industry

Solar energy has been a male-dominated industry, but things are changing. In New Jersey and across the US, companies in the solar industry are more diverse than other comparable industries like construction, oil and gas, and utilities. Women currently make up 27% of the solar companies’ workforce (67,204 employees), up from 22% in 2014. At NJ solar companies, women make up 44% of mid-level jobs and 55% hold the position of manager, director or president. In 2016 alone, half the new jobs created in solar companies (about 25,000) were occupied by women.

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New Jersey Solar Installations Stand to Benefit from Streamlined Permitting Process

Over the years, the industry has focused on reducing the costs of technology in order to make solar more affordable to the masses. The reduction of so-called “soft costs” will be the next step in refining solar costs further. At this year’s Solar Power International Convention, SEIA (Solar Energy Industries Association) will unveil a plan to streamline the permitting process.

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