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Where does my solar inverter get installed?

A solar inverter is the component of the solar system which is used to convert the DC power produced by the solar panels to the AC power which is used by our home electrical system and appliances.  It may be a micro inverter, power optimizer or a string inverter. Microinverters and power optimizers are installed below the solar panels whereas a string inverter may be installed indoor or outdoor as per the installer recommendation or homeowner requirements.

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Solar in Sports

More and more commercial facilities are going solar. Sports venues are becoming more mindful of their environmental footprint and using commercial solar energy systems. One of the factors that contributed to this change is economic incentives. The cost of solar installations has decreased, allowing solar panel manufacturers to reach more commercial customers.

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Women in the Solar Industry

Solar energy has been a male-dominated industry, but things are changing. In New Jersey and across the US, companies in the solar industry are more diverse than other comparable industries like construction, oil and gas, and utilities. Women currently make up 27% of the solar companies’ workforce (67,204 employees), up from 22% in 2014. At NJ solar companies, women make up 44% of mid-level jobs and 55% hold the position of manager, director or president. In 2016 alone, half the new jobs created in solar companies (about 25,000) were occupied by women.

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New Jersey Solar Installations Stand to Benefit from Streamlined Permitting Process

Over the years, the industry has focused on reducing the costs of technology in order to make solar more affordable to the masses. The reduction of so-called “soft costs” will be the next step in refining solar costs further. At this year’s Solar Power International Convention, SEIA (Solar Energy Industries Association) will unveil a plan to streamline the permitting process.

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IronRidge Racking Joins Green Power Energy as Their Exclusive Solar Racking Partner

Green Power Energy is now working with IronRidge Racking exclusively on residential solar energy systems. IronRidge racking will now come standard with Green Power Energy on all New Jersey solar installations. When solar panels are installed on residential properties with a sloped roof, racking is needed to attach the panels to the roof. IronRidge’s solar racking components come with UFOs (Universal Fastening Objects), XR Rails and The Flashfoot 2.

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Why All Your Neighbors Are Going Solar in New Jersey

There is a good reason why homeowners are going solar in New Jersey. Homeowners are doing it because of the incentives in New Jersey. New Jersey is #5 in the country for the number of solar installations over time, and it will remain at the top of the list for many years to come. The average cost for a solar installation in New Jersey is approximately $30,000. Obviously, not every homeowner has that amount of cash to put into solar panels, yet over 100,000 solar installations have been completed in New Jersey.

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Understanding Sunnova’s EZ Own Solar Loan in NJ

Sunnova, founded in 2012, has been a major player in solar financing in NJ over the past several years. Sunnova and its CEO John Berger bring a Houston “big energy” style to a predominantly Bay Area-based solar finance industry. This mix is welcomed by many industry leaders who have experienced major industry decisions made by only a small group of people in San Francisco. What Sunnova has done has proven that solar makes sense as a balanced part of the nation’s energy portfolio right smack in the home of big oil. John Berger himself even challenged the industry’s needs for a solar tax credit as the market was experiencing its tax transition in 2016.

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The Current State of SRECS and Residential Solar Power in New Jersey

New Jersey remains one of the top 5 states in the country for Residential Solar Power, yet the market is in a transition period as the SREC 1, the original New Jersey SREC program, transitions into a yet to be defined new program for state incentives. New Jersey has been booming for residential solar power over the past decade. New Jersey this past month installed its 100,000th solar installation; a truly remarkable accomplishment.

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Should I Finance My Solar with a Home Equity Loan or a Solar Loan?

If you are thinking of going solar, it could mean thousands of dollars in costs. That money is not something that every homeowner can afford to pay, especially in cash. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any financing options to help you go solar. In this article, you can find out whether it’s a good idea to finance going solar with a home equity loan or a solar loan.

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Green Power Energy Recognized as a 2018 Top Solar Contractor in Annandale, NJ

[Annandale, New Jersey]—More than 10,600 megawatts of solar power were installed last year in the United States, and local installer Green Power Energy has been recognized by Solar Power World magazine for its contributions to the industry. Green Power Energy achieved a rank of 202 out of 450 solar companies on the magazine’s 2018 Top Solar Contractors list. This is up 59 spots from last year’s rank of 261.

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