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Pat D.

Location: Derby, CT
Battery Installed: August 1, 2022

Green Bolt

System Details

Battery: Enphase Encharge

Battery kW and kWh capacity: 3.84 kW / 10.08 kWh total

Solar Detail: 5.04 kW Solar Array


Questions & Answers

Why did you want solar plus storage?

“I wanted to have a solar plus battery backup system in case of a power outage so I am covered. I also went this route for an unconventional reason of worry about the power grid and
how easy it is to trip it. I figured I want to have something reliable in place so I have solar energy  coming through.”

What was your experience installing batteries?

“The guys did such a great job, I mentioned they could get rid of shrubs in the way and they worked it around and made sure everything was neat and even hidden by the lawnscaping. The
conduit was installed close enough to a covered conduit for my AC that my siding company was able to cover it. They really thought of everything.”

Have you experienced an outage and how did your batteries perform?

“We have not yet experienced an outage but I started in late August and my solar and batteries are totally running the home with no problem. When I get up in the morning I see that my system is replenishing and producing power.”

Experience with Green Power Energy:

“My sales person was educational and expressed he was there to guide me through the process and help me make the best decision. Everyone listened to what I wanted and everything went great with the installation and process.”

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Get Started Today

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We would like to share this knowledge with you to illustrate what we offer and how it can impact you. Both by lower monthly bills and helping reduce impacts to the environment.

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