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Attention Rhode Island Homeowners! Learn Residential Solar Energy Myths and Facts With Experts

Green Bolt
Are There Solar Grants in Rhode Island?

As Rhode Island leapfrogs into a green and environmentally responsible state over the next decade, solar power adoption will play the driving force in its renewable energy goals. More RI homeowners are installing solar systems on their properties than ever before. However, there’s still a long way to go before we meet our renewable energy targets by 2030.

So, if you are considering solar power and are worried about its viability or benefits, we have busted some of the common myths surrounding solar power here. Check them out. 

Solar Panels are Too Expensive

This is a common misconception. The outright purchase of solar systems indeed requires an upfront investment, but the various government incentives have drastically brought down the costs. Even the solar panel costs have dropped 80% since 2008.

Today, you can expect to install a solar panel system and recover all your expenses within a matter of 5-6 years in cost savings, performance-based incentives, and other benefits. The best part is that solar panels can be installed for $0 down and still save you money!  

Solar Panels Don’t Work in RI, Which is a Generally Cold and Cloudy State

Solar panels don’t need intense sunlight or sunshine to produce electricity. The modern solar panels are sensitive enough to generate power even in relatively low-light conditions during winter and cloudy months.. With net metering, your solar production in warmer months will help offset the darker days of winter. Therefore, solar panels work round the year in RI.

Solar Panels are Expensive and Difficult to Repair or Replace

The best solar panel brands in business offer 25-year warranties on their products. Green Power Energy matches that with a 25-year service warranty on your solar panel installation.

Together, these warranties offer you complete peace of mind for the better part of three decades. You don’t have to worry about repairs or replacements during this time.

Solar Panels are Useless During the Night

Yes, and no.

Solar panels cannot produce electricity during nighttime – that part is true. However, they generate more energy than what you can consume during the day. Grid-tied solar systems feed this excess energy into the grid, which is metered. During the nighttime, when you use the utility’s power, your consumption is offset by the excess solar energy you previously fed into the grid.

So, you don’t pay for using the utility company’s electricity during the night. In other words, your solar installation supplies you “free energy” even during the night.


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