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[Affiliate Offer] Make Money Promoting Residential Solar Energy in Connecticut, and other states. No Investment Needed with Green Power Energy’s Outside Partnership Program.

Green Bolt

Did you know that solar power’s contribution to power generation has increased by 43 times over the past decade?

Solar adoption is moving at a breakneck pace, and still, we’ve hardly scratched the surface. Today, roughly 3% of the total electricity generation is attributed to solar power. The government’s persistent efforts and rapid advancements in photovoltaic cell technology have plummeted the prices of solar panels and made them affordable for the majority of Americans.

With each passing year, households across the US are going solar to save money, go green, and be more responsible towards the planet.

Now, Green Power Energy offers you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join this revolution and earn big by becoming our affiliate. 

Here are some of the benefits enjoyed by Green Power Energy’s affiliates:

Resell Our Services as an Outside Green Power Energy Dealer

Green Power Energy offers all solar panels, installation equipment, and even batteries at base rates to resellers in Connecticut, as well as other states.

Resellers have the freedom to sell the solar equipment and installation services to homeowners and even commercial establishments at a price of their choice, within a maximum limit. We’ve capped the reseller price to ensure that all our customers get a fair price. Whatever you earn above the base rate, it’s all yours.

To become an Outside Dealer for Green Power Energy, you can apply on our Outside Dealer page

Get Timely Support and Resources

We’ll equip you with everything you need to be a super-effective sales partner:

  • Custom quotes
  • Custom solar system designs
  • Custom proposals
  • Self-help portal resources
  • Cashflow analyses
  • Dedicated sales support
  • Financing Resources for loan or lease (PPA)

Just Sell. We Take Care of the Rest

As a Dealer, all you need to do is sell our services. Green Power Energy takes care of the site inspection, site analysis, installation, permits, warranty fulfillment, Incentive management, follow-up support, and everything else your customer requires.

Promote our services, sell them, and let us worry about delighting your customers. In return, enjoy lucrative commissions without making any investments. You win, we win, and even the customer wins massive money savings.

Refer Our Services as a Green Power Energy Advocate

Refer our solar installation services to your friends, colleagues, or customers and win a handsome commission, “Bolt Bucks,” when they convert and even if they sit for an appointment. 

This is an outstanding opportunity for enterprising people who don’t wish to expend their efforts on converting a lead. We’ll engage your leads and convert them into a customer. Every time your referral converts into a paying customer, you win a fixed commission.
You become an advocate for Green Power Energy, you can apply on our Referral Page.


Get Started Today

Get Started Today

Let’s talk about potential solar opportunities. We offer free, no obligation quotes to get you started on your solar journey.

If you’d like to talk with us outside of getting a quote then please reach out to us using our contact page.

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