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A Definitive List of Things Every Solar Quote in Bethlehem PA Should Mention

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A Definitive List of Things Every Solar Quote in Bethlehem PA Should Mention

Solar quotes can be confounding to the uninitiated. The sheer amount of information they pack can make it difficult for the average consumer to understand and review thoroughly. Fortunately, this guide will simplify some of the things for you.

Today, you will learn the key points every solar quote must include and know what each item means.

System Size

Your solar quote is tied to your system size. So, that’s the first thing you check. It’s usually based on your power requirement, so the system design should be able to meet your power needs effectively.


Every solar quote features this item. However, most consumers tend to obsess with the total project cost while ignoring other aspects of the price. A trusty and transparent solar company offers itemized pricing and specifies the costs of various elements of the project, including equipment, components, installation service, and so on.

After all, you should know what you are paying for, shouldn’t you?

Equipment Details

As a general policy, always check for the brand name, model, and warranty information of every component that will make up your solar installation. Besides these details, here are a few more things to look for in the solar quote:

  1. Solar Panels
  • Number of panels
  • Watt-peak per panel
  • Type of solar panels – monocrystalline or polycrystalline
  1. Racking or Mounting System
  • Should suit your roofing material
  1. Inverter
  • Type: string or microinverters
  1. Battery Storage
  • Storage capacity (translate it into hours of power supply for your regular consumption requirement)
  • Type of battery: Lithium-ion vs. lead-acid batteries or others
  1. Additional Equipment
  • Communication modules: Bluetooth vs. Wi-Fi
  • Remote monitoring systems
  • Cabling and wired connections
  • Wiring: series or parallel

Service Warranty

Many solar companies, including Green Power Energy, offer extra-long warranties on their installation services. If any problem arises due to poor quality installation, they are covered by the service warranties. Green Power Energy offers an industry-leading 25-year warranty on its service.

Request What You Need

If you need any additional information from the solar company in the quote, you can always ask them. And if they are forthcoming with that information, understand that it takes considerable time and work to get that information to you, which is evidence of their emphasis on customer satisfaction. You can expect a similar commitment from them in the future when you need customer support.


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