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You can save with solar energy.

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Residential solar options tailored to your needs

We offer a variety of solar and energy solutions to tackle problems large, small, and everywhere in-between


Financing Available

A fully customized system that’s tailor-made

Average ROI in 5 years

Federal income tax credit of 26%

Local tax incentives

Increased property value (no tax increase)

Industry leading 25 year warranty

Solar Loan

$0 Down

$0 Down to install with a 640+ FICO

Reduce your electric bill

Federal income tax credit of 26%

Local tax incentives

Increased property value (no tax increase)

Industry leading 25 year warranty

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Solar Lease

$0 Down

$0 Down to install with a 640+ FICO

Opportunity to buy the system at milestones

Hedge against the rate increases

Save thousands of dollars of the term

Increased property value (no tax increase)

Industry leading 25 year warranty

The future is bright for those who choose solar energy.

The answers to your solar energy needs are here. Customers who select to use solar panels for their home or business are looking forward to a bright future.

Solar energy is great for the environment and a great way to save money. Our systems assist in reducing, or in most cases, eliminating a site’s previous electricity costs. Green Power Energy offers a turn-key solar installation service. Our systems are custom fit for each individual job.

Solar Power
Green Power Energy is a leading solar installation company in the Northeast offering a variety of solar solutions.

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Over 12 Years, Green Power Energy has had the chance to deliver energy solutions to amazing people

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We would like to share this knowledge with you to illustrate what we offer and how it can impact you. Both by lower monthly bills and helping reduce impacts to the environment.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Rhode Island?

The cost of solar power systems has dropped by 80% over the past 10 years. In fact, photovoltaic cells cost anywhere between $0.40 and $1.10 per watt. With most individual solar panels selling at $80 to $400 – with some of the higher-quality solar panels costing even more – you can set up a decent-size solar power system for your home.

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How Much CO2 Do Residential Solar Panels Save in Connecticut?

Connecticut has witnessed impressive growth in solar power adoption over the past few years. Besides the financial benefits, the most important reason for Connecticut homeowners to go solar is environmental responsibility. They seek to reduce their carbon footprint and save the planet from worsening climate changes caused by excessive greenhouse gases produced by fossil fuels.

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Start A Career Within The Solar Industry.

Green Power Energy is one of the fastest growing solar installation companies in NJ, CT, RI, MA, and PA.

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