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6 Things People Get Wrong With Solar, as Revealed by Solar Installers in Massachusetts

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6 Things People Get Wrong With Solar, as Revealed by Solar Installers in Massachusetts

Residential solar power has its pitfalls, and they often derail the solar ambitions of households. Your ability to realize the benefits of solar energy relies heavily on your avoiding these pitfalls. So, without further ado, let’s get to them right away. 

  1. Cheap Equipment

Don’t skimp on quality components just to save a few hundred dollars. Cheap equipment comes with low power generation efficiency or a short warranty. Both will cost you dearly in the long run.  For solar panels, check the efficiency rating and the product’s performance and product warranty.  For inverters, be sure the installer is using micro-inverters or optimizers. 

  1. You May Not Be an Ideal Candidate for Solar

Your roof determines your suitability for solar power. Its design, available roof area, structural integrity, and even the shade from nearby objects on your roof can affect your suitability for rooftop solar.

Speak to a reputable solar company and discuss the challenges. If a solar company says that your roof’s condition is less than ideal for a solar installation, then you may have to either redo the roof, or postpone your solar dreams. The good news is if you need a new roof or tree work, this is standard work for solar projects and usually your installer will be able to offer good deals from contractors to perform this work.  You can even have this necessary site work done for no money out of pocket.

  1. Underestimating Professional Work

Faulty electrical wiring is one of the most common culprits behind solar system malfunction. They make the panels inefficient or even render them out of order. In most cases, these faults arise due to human errors made by inexperienced electricians. 

Unless you are a licensed electrician, do not even attempt to install the solar systems, let alone repairing them later. 

  1. Not Optimizing Your Energy Consumption

As you know, the ideal solar capacity you need is tied to your annual power consumption. So, one of the intelligent ways to save some money on solar installation is by reducing your power consumption. And, you can do that without changing your lifestyle. There are many ways to achieve this, such as using LEDs for fluorescent bulbs, draught-proofing your home, and more. 

We can consult you on this.  

  1. Designing a Sub optimal System to Save Costs

Some predatory solar companies quote you a lower amount for your project by designing a smaller system or by putting together old, “inefficient” equipment from the popular brands so that you don’t notice these “small” things.

Get complete details of the system the installers have designed for you and go through it thoroughly before signing the contract.

  1. Underestimating the Possibility of Issues

Solar systems are low-maintenance systems, but they can sometimes encounter issues too. And when they do, it’s important that you do not incur high repair costs. You can ensure that in 2 ways. Firstly, your equipment must have long-term warranties that got you covered. Secondly, your solar installer must have given you a long-term service (labor) warranty too. That way, you don’t incur any costs on labor or equipment.

Remember that there is plenty of equipment like solar panels which usually have 25-year warranties, and micro-inverters usually have a 25-year warranty also.


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