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5 Tips to Prepare Your Bridgewater, NJ Home for Residential Solar Energy System

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5 Tips to Prepare Your Bridgewater, NJ Home for Residential Solar Energy System

Congratulations! You’ve decided to go green and install a residential solar solution on your Bridgewater, NJ home. You’re excited by all the cost savings, carbon emission reductions, and the impact on the planet. You just cannot wait to start turning the meter backward finally!

But, did you know that you can level up your green energy party and rack up even greater savings by making the right changes to your home?

A few simple steps can help you realize all the cost savings you dreamed of and more, while actually reducing your investment in your home solar. Here’s how:

  1. Get Energy Audit

An energy audit gives you a 360-overview of what’s sucking all the power from your house – leaky ducts, damaged insulation, cracks in attic walls, and other vulnerable areas. If they’re what’s causing your utility bills to hit the figurative roof, then it’s time to address them.

Think about it: if your house is well-insulated and consumes less power, you will need a smaller solar panel system to meet your power needs, saving significant upfront costs for you. 

  1. Make Your Home Energy-efficient

Besides beefing up your home insulation, there are many ways you can improve your household’s energy efficiency. For one, upgrade old appliances with the latest, most efficient products. Manufacturers improve the energy efficiency of large appliances, such as refrigerators and HVAC systems, every year. So, depending on the appliance you upgrade, the latest model can consume 50% or less power than an older model. 

  1. Use Smart Systems

Programmable thermostats can cool or heat up the home only when you want, rather than waste power when nobody’s home. Use sensors to switch off lighting systems when nobody is using them, especially in rooms where you don’t spend too much time, such as bathrooms, garages, etc.

  1. Prepare Your Roof

Once you install a solar panel system on your roof, it can be difficult and costly to make any repairs to your roof. If you need to fix any leaks, replace any shingles, or make any changes, do it before installing the solar panels.

If your roof is old – like 15 years or older – you may want to replace it because you won’t be changing it for the next 25 to 30 years, which is the life of the average solar power system. 

  1. Consider Tree Work, If Needed

One of the most underappreciated factors that can affect the performance of your solar panels is the tree cover around your roof. Not only do trees obstruct the amount of sunlight your solar panels receive, but the dry leaves, twigs, and the other debris they leave on your panels can further block access to sunlight.

If that’s a possibility, you may have to trim the trees from time to time.


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