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5 Misconceptions About Solar Power You Shouldn’t Believe

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Solar power is simple.  It does not need to be complicated, and it does not need to cost you a ton of money to go solar.  Here are a few of the misconceptions about solar energy that you’d do well to stop believing:

5 Misconceptions About Solar Power You Shouldn’t Believe
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It Costs an Excessive Amount of Money

While purchasing the solar system will require an outlay of money, the return on that investment in New Jersey is quite quick.  With a solar panel system purchase, you will be eligible to receive 30% of the system cost off your taxes as a dollar for dollar solar tax credit.  In addition to the solar tax credit, the solar system will produce energy which will save you a ton on your energy bills, and in New Jersey, there is an SREC program which puts cash into your wallet for the solar energy your system is already producing.   Better yet, you can choose to avoid the capital outlay all together and pursue a no money down solar financing option such as a solar loan or solar lease.  With a solar loan, you will be able to get the tax credit, energy savings, and NJ SRECS.  With all the savings and incentives you will still be cash flow positive even after making your solar payment.

Unable to Operate in Snow and Inclement Weather

Worried that clouds blocking out the sun would mean zero energy for your solar power? Contrary to popular belief, those panels will still generate solar power even on cloudy days.  While snow may block the panels for a time being it tends to melt off the solar panels quickly.  In addition to the solar panels ability to produce in less than ideal weather, with “net metering” your solar production from sunny days will be available if needed to power your home on these days of inclement weather.  Also, keep in mind that your estimated annual solar production considers the average historical weather data for the area.

You Should Wait for Technological Advances

While there have been plenty of upgrades over the years, the technology available today in most cases will cover 100% of the energy usage of the home.  Some of the more efficient solar panels are now over 300 watts and around 20% efficiency.  According to arstechnica.com, the theoretical limit of solar cell efficiency is 29%, so we are nearing that mark.  The major advancements to solar technology have already happened and are continuing to occur now.  In addition to the fact that solar power will likely energize your home as is, the tax credit starts to go away after 2019.  It may be in your best interest to pursue installing solar before the tax credit goes away.  While waiting for solar to go from 20%-25% efficiency, you may lose out on the solar tax credit!

Solar Will Cause My Roof to Leak

Solar panels are installed in a way which will aid in your roof shingle’s ability to protect against moisture.  Solar panels are installed on top of solar rails which are secured to the rafters in the attic of the home.  This penetration is protected with a flashing system which is like another aluminum shingle underneath the roof shingles you already have.  Within this flashing piece, the connection to the rafter is made and then secured with a waterproof stopper.  The shingles are then placed back over the flashing.  Most contractors will warranty their solar installation for over 10 years.  In fact, since the solar panels are now blocking the UV rays that hit your roof and protect the roof against weather, solar panels will actually extend the life of the roof!

Solar Powered Systems Require Maintenance

Since there aren’t any moving parts, solar panels should be maintenance free.  Before being secured to your roof or on the ground, the strength of the structure must be verified by an architect.  The solar panels themselves will all be viable energy producers for 20 plus years.  The inverter is the one item that may need replacement generally between years 12-20.  With Green Power Energy, you can buy an extended warranty on your inverter upfront and have the peace of mind to know your system is covered.  In addition to Green Power Energy’s strong warranties, our system’s come with system monitoring to allow you to monitor the production of your solar power.

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