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4 Must-Ask Questions For a Rhode Island Solar Company Before Installation

Green Bolt

So, the affordability and financial sense of solar power have finally won you over? Great! Now, it’s time to find the best solar power installer to help you go green and save money at the same time. But, how do you find one? There are several Rhode Island solar companies, and they all make it so attractive to hire them that you may find yourself in the proverbial ‘choice paralysis.’

Thankfully, we’ve created a quick list of questions to ask your potential solar installer to help you determine whether they are the right fit for you.

  1. Which solar panel brands do they work with?
    Here’s something you must know. Not all solar panels are equal. The new generation solar panels have high efficiency, are affordable, and last long. If you wish to extract maximum value from your solar power system, find an installer that works with prominent solar panel brands like Panasonic, LG, QCell, SunPower, Canadian Solar, and so on.
  1. What is your warranty?
    Solar panels come with their own manufacturer’s warranty. Besides, the solar installers offer a separate warranty for labor. The best businesses offer long-term warranties that last over 20 years on both equipment and labor. For instance, Green Power Energy offers 25-year warranties on both products and services.
  1. How responsive is your warranty service?
    Your warranty is worthless if your installer takes months to address your solar panel issues. 

    Our industry-leading warranty service boasts  a quick 48-hour turnaround time on most issues. Once you bring a problem to our attention, we arrive at your location within a maximum of 48 hours, identify the root cause, and get working on the solution. 

    If it can be repaired, we usually finish the task in an hour or two. If a part needs to be replaced, it may take up to 2 weeks. The period to issue resolution varies depending on the logistical constraints of the manufacturer whose product or part needs replacement.
  1. Can you share some real examples of cost savings you realized for your customers?
    Most solar power installers wouldn’t mind sharing references to their current clients, so that you can gather unbiased opinions from them. 

    To make things easy for our potential customers, we’ve created a docket of case studies that detail customer requirements, goals, and savings.

Green Power Energy representatives are available 7 days a week to answer your questions and clarify your doubts. Get in touch with us to understand how your investment in solar power can bring you savings, and peace of mind.


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