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3 Types of Residential Solar Energy Solutions for Your Connecticut Home

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3 Types of Residential Solar Energy Solutions for Your Connecticut Home

Interest in home solar solutions has never been higher, thanks to the declining solar panel prices, substantial government incentives, and increasing environmental consciousness among homeowners. There has never been a better opportunity for Connecticut residents to free themselves from skyrocketing utility prices and save the planet while at it.

Once you decide to go solar, the choice between residential solar solutions boils down to three broad systems – grid-tied, off-grid, and grid-tied with battery backup.

Let’s find out what each of them offers you.

  1. Off-grid Solar Solutions

Many homeowners have a romantic predisposition towards off-grid solar systems. They consider them to be their tickets for freedom from utility companies. However, that is far from the truth.

Off-grid solar solutions are best-suited for…you guessed it…people living off the grid in remote locations. This is a last-resort solution, not a best-case solution.

Off-grid systems require battery backup to store excess power and supply it later when it is needed. Also, when the backup power is insufficient to meet power needs, an electric generator may be needed too. So, ensuring uninterrupted power with an off-grid solution is a complex and entirely avoidable path for most Connecticut homes.

  1. Grid-tied Solar Solutions

For households with access to the power grid, grid-tied systems are the best solution. Excess power generated by your solar solution is diverted to the grid during peak sunlight hours. When you need power later (such as during the night), you can meet those energy needs with power from your utility company. Additionally, the solar power diverted to the grid is offset from your utility bill each month. 

This way, the power grid acts like a giant battery for your home solar solution.

  1. Grid-tied With Battery Backup Solutions

These solutions are similar to grid-tied solar solutions, albeit with the addition of a battery backup to the mix – a detail that can give tremendous benefits to homeowners.

As you know, utility rates do not cost the same throughout the day – the rates are higher during peak hours. Also, the net metering policy can give you a higher price for feeding your solar power to the grid during those peak hours.

Battery storage allows you to store excess solar power and feed it to the grid during peak hours during a Demand Response Event through ConnectedSolutions.  This allows you to feed power from your battery into the grid during a peak time and get paid for it!. These savings accumulate over months, years, and  snowballs into massive savings for you.

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