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3 Reasons to Include EV Charging for Your Durham Home Solar System

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3 Reasons to Include EV Charging for Your Durham Home Solar System

Cars with alternative fuels have always fascinated car enthusiasts. When electric vehicles became a reality, it was a watershed moment. With the commercialization of such cutting-edge technology, markets could now think of reducing their carbon footprint. But, charging with electricity generated from fossil fuels is not the neatest way of getting to a carbon-neutral future. On the other hand, charging an EV with solar energy sounds like the best decision to make. 

So, if you are a proud owner of an EV in Durham, let us tell you how EV charging in Durham with solar power is bringing the best of two worlds together.

Available Incentives

Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) electric vehicle charging is eligible for a 30% tax credit up to $1,000.  In addition, UI and Eversource have their own set of incentives that can pay you back up to $500 for installing an EV Charger.  See if you qualify:

Inexpensive Fuel for Transport

EV charging, even on the grid, is more economical than using a tank of gas. However, the rising fossil fuel costs are driving up utility prices. Fortunately, electricity generated from a solar system installed at home can protect you against rising utility bills.

 The average electric vehicle uses 30 kWh for every 100 miles it drives, expanding the solar array to fit this need is the first opportunity to save.  If a full charge allows for a 300-mile range, for example, that is 90 kWh of power.  Even at the price of $0.20/kWh, a full charge would only cost you $18.  Now add solar to the mix, and you are essentially getting your fuel for free by charging your EV with solar power. Apart from the cost of installing the solar system that you can spread over the years, you are generating free electricity.

Ecologically Sensible 

EVs don’t just cost less to their owners; they also cost less to the environment. That’s because they do not release dangerous gasses into the atmosphere. 

According to The International Council on Clean Transportation, EVs have been proven to produce lower pollution levels than gas-fueled vehicles. From their manufacturing processes to on-road performance, EVs are safer for the ecology. While EV charging in Durham, if you have been using grid electricity, you are still using fossil fuels, albeit indirectly. But, when you use solar systems installed on your house to charge your EV, you use completely clean and green electricity.

Applying the Best Solution

EVs and solar systems are the ultimate power couple. Find a better pairing. We’ll wait.

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