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3 Most Expensive Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Solar Estimate for Your Edison Home

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3 Most Expensive Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Solar Estimate for Your Edison Home

Solar estimates are the foundation of any worthwhile solar installation project. So, before signing up for a solar estimate for your Edison home, you must go through this checklist. It will walk you through all the common and expensive mistakes you should avoid before agreeing to a solar estimate for your Edison home.

Improper System Sizing

As they say, measure twice, and cut once. Similarly, when planning to install a solar power system, you can discuss your home’s particulars as many times as you need with the installer to be sure it will be installed correctly in the first place.

Take time to discuss your power requirements, current electric usage, roof specifications, and budget. Once you are firm on those details, ask the expert about the installation size you need. Most solar companies provide free consultations. So, you can use the opportunity to weigh your options and choose the provider that offers the best value to you.

Not Planning For The Future 

Your solar power system will not just serve you for the next few years but for over 25 years! You will need it to meet your future energy needs as well. So, plan accordingly.

With technological innovation, every new gadget is powered by electricity, even your cars. Think about how many electric vehicles your solar power system can support and whether it will be possible to expand the system to accommodate your growing energy needs.  Most utility companies will limit your installation to reflect your current usage, but should you have Purchase Orders for items like electric vehicles, your utility can approve you for a larger system size. 

For example, a standard electric vehicle (EV) will use 30 kWh for every 100 miles it travels.  If you expect to drive your vehicle 10,000 miles in a year, this can increase your energy usage by 3,000 kWh annually. https://www.motorbiscuit.com/how-many-kilowatt-hours-does-electric-car-use/

If you don’t plan for the future, you may have to install more panels or a completely new solar power installation within a few years, adding a headache for you and an unforeseen cost to your initial investment.

Not Considering Battery Storage

The next big thing in solar is adding a battery to your system.  Thanks to The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) battery storage is qualified for the 30% Tax Credit with or without solar panels through 2032.  You won’t lose money from the tax credit portion of the savings!

Should you choose to install the battery at a later date, you must make sure your solar system is compatible with a future battery installation.  Not all solar inverters will be compatible with your solar without expensive upgrades.  In addition to compatibility, be sure it will even be possible to install battery storage with your solar contract.  If you choose to lease the system, for example, you may not be able to add battery storage later as a third party owns all the solar equipment.  Be sure if you are financing to check with the solar installer that you will be OK to add batteries in the future.  

Green Power Energy offers the Plantinum+ package for battery installations which includes the Enphase IQ8 Plus solar inverters.  These inverters are easy to retrofit to your solar array and even offer a feature to “island” the equipment in an outage, meaning you can power your home directly from your solar panels without even using the battery! 

Choose Wisely

Choosing incompatible parts, not making your home energy efficient, and more such mistakes can all come together and become an expensive blunder. So, consider these factors and do not forget to include them when requesting a solar estimate for your Edison home.


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