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21 Questions to Ask Your Solar Power Provider in Massachusetts

If you recently started considering a solar power installation for your house, you’re probably brimming with questions. How much would it cost to purchase? How much would it cost to maintain? How much electricity can my solar system produce? How much money can it save me? The list goes on.

However, these are standard questions for which you’ll easily find answers with a quick internet search. The more difficult task would be finding specific information that will help you make an informed decision quickly. So, here’s a list of FAQs you can ask your solar installer and get a deep understanding of how to make the most of your new solar installation. 

  1. How many solar panels can my roof support, and how much energy will they together generate?
  2. Is my roof condition good enough to support the solar installation, or does it need a redo?
  3. My roof is not inclined in the North-South direction. Would that be a problem for installation or affect my energy production efficiency?
  4. What would be the cost of a solar system that meets all my power needs throughout the year?
  5. What is the SMART program and will you help me qualify for it?
  6. Will you take care of all the permits, interconnections, and other tasks associated with the installation?
  7. [CONDO RESIDENTS ONLY] Do I need to get any special permissions for my solar power installation?
  8. Who will be responsible for maintaining my solar installation, and how frequently will you do it?
  9. Are there any costs associated with maintaining, repairing, or replacing my solar equipment?
  10. What’s the term of your service warranty?
  11. Would it make sense for me to install a battery with my solar system?
  12. What preparations should I make before I go solar?
  13. Is it mandatory for me to make my home energy-efficient before I go solar?
  14. How much net profit will I incur over the entire life of my solar system?
  15. Who are your solar financing partners?
  16. What are the various costs, including hidden costs, associated with your solar financing options?
  17. Do you offer a lock-in option on the solar lease rates? If yes, what’s your lock-in period?
  18. Will my solar system work during a power outage?
  19. Will my solar + storage work during a power outage?
  20. What are the different types of solar panels available, and what’s best for my budget?
  21. Which solar panels offer the highest energy generation efficiency?
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